Monday, August 13, 2012

Six Mile Run and The Misfits

This summer has mostly been good running.  With good training partners, nice destinations, and with generally few problems of any sort. For the first time in yrs, I have really taken it back a step and stuck to the traditional idea of building a base.  Granted I've had a few days here and there were my back hurt, and I just didn't run.  But largely, I've been consistently getting out the door for solid 60-75min runs on weekdays.  For long runs on weekends, I've been conservative.  I want to maintain a steady energy level through the rest of the week.  It's nice to run 8-10miles on Monday knowing  you need to recover from a run that went 18-24miles.  I'll probably cap the LR's to 2hrs for the rest of this yr, just for this reason.
This Tuesday I'm going to have to jump into the cold ocean of pace specific intervals, I've got the USATF-NJ 5k XC championship coming up on Sept 8th.  For this one, I'd like to have a 5k XC pr.  I haven't run one in about 3yrs.  I'm better than the 16:22 I ran at the 4th race in the RVRR Summer Series of 09'.  Granted, Deer Path Park is a slow course, I ran16:27 there, but I'm a stronger runner now.  I'm pretty excited to see what I can do this go around.
The London Olympics were inspiring. Meanwhile, my 2nd metatarsal in my left foot is a failure to my aspirations, but my heart and lungs don't know that.  Just now, I got back in from a run at Six Mile Run Park/preserve(whatever they call it).  The 75mins went by quickly as we chatted about...politics, various political theories, their merits and potential flaws, and why we both loathe to vote in elections.  Rich told me more about what speech pathology is used for and some stories about his former profession as a pastry chef, and on the ride home, we talked about music a bit.  And wouldn't you know it, Glenn Danzig and The Misfits came up, so enjoy this tune and shake a leg to the horror!

Other noteable recent runs: Dropping under 5:20 pace late into a couple of 10 mile runs on midweek runs on the towpath with Rich Angelillo, Chris Heibell, Jeff Perrella, and Steve Mennitt.  Sunday's run at River Rd Park which took us to the an avg of 6:08per mile for the last 5 of 15 with Jeff, Ken Goglas, Tony Harris, Tom Poland, and John(I suck for not knowing John's last name right now).

Mileage total past 5 weeks: 51, 72, 52, 61, 58.
Time for a push, doubles, core, and a bit of weights.