Sunday, October 7, 2012

Beard Power

I have a beard.  How much does that matter in running? Training? Racing? Answer to all 3 questions, a lot.

Reasons to have a beard(or facial hair):
1-Beards are a source of true power
2-Shaving takes up valuable time that could be better used(sleeping, drinking beers, and general chillin')
3-They look badass
4-Many successful runner's have had a variety of facial hair arrangements...and so you should too!

Like these guys:

Greg Meyer: Last American to win the Boston Marathon, 1983.  Plain and simple, this is a proper beard!

Anton Krupicka: A champion Ultra Trail Runner, a nice free flowing mega beard, I know, shitty little picture, like we almost couldn't be sure he's running. Whatever man, I swear he's a real runner.
Nate Jenkins: Not only found on tracks, truely a great LD road racer, has been to the Oly trials and placed well in several major marathons. I bumped into him briefly at the Boilermaker 15k Road Race a few yrs ago, nice guy.

And now some impressive moustaches:
Will Leer: a DIII star who kept on rolling, still competing internationally, best mile is 3:55xx. Nicely styled Fu Manchu.

Brian Sell: 3rd at US Olympic trials marathon in 2007, competed in Beijing games marathon, I saw this guy slowly work his way through the field with amazing patience through a fanatic crowd in Central Park, one of my personal heroes! This is called a Winnfield, similar to the Fu manchu but add in the sideburns, excellent!
Frank Shorter: Last American to win gold in the Olympic Marathon, 1972. Pictured here in his Florida track club singlet, with his big old bushy moustache.
Lasse Viren, chasing down Steve Prefontaine in Munich Olympics 5000m 1972.  Viren wins Gold, pre doesn't medal. Much respect to Pre, but we all know a beard(albeit an overgrown chinstrap) trumps a moustache any day of the week.

Steve Prefontaine:
"The only good race pace is suicide pace, and today looks like a good day to die." Pre did a lot of fast running, and if you're reading this blog, and don't know that...go do your homework.
This is a beastly set of mutton chops and a mammouth moustache! Bravo! Sadly, it wasn't enough to beat a 6'4" Finn, comprised of the three ingredients of a champion- lungs, legs, and beard.

Tim Morgan attempting to outrun me in a 5k xc race.  But the beard had other plans. 
Q:How did I beat Tim Morgan in this race? 
A: I have a beard.
Note: in this race(photo above), I beat Tim by about 2seconds for 5k.  Today(one month later) I beat him by 18seconds for 5miles(today's race), and a new PR by 22seconds for 8k. 
Q:How did I manage to spread this gap?  
A:The beard...grew larger!
 Also note: Neither Paul Ryan nor Kip Litton were entered in the race, they must be saving it for the Diamond League 2013 races.

 See above-Ken Goglas crushed everyone today, 25:05 for 5miles, give that man a beard...24:59 for sure.
 It's all about BEARD POWER!