Sunday, February 5, 2017

Daniels' Running Formula

If you've read a post or two on my training, you know I've talked about Daniels' Formula before. I spit "Vdot" and "I pace, M pace, T pace" around when I'm blogging here. Some of you know about him and why the Formula has made an enormous difference in running athletics. For those who do not know; if you are a runner with any goals at all, you MUST own this book!

At the Garden State Track Club annual Gala event, we were fortunate enough to have an ACTUAL Dr., Jack Daniels, attend to speak about his experiences as a modern Pentathlete and the breadth of his studies through 45yrs with many incredible athletes. So, last night, I met the man himself! He signed a new copy of his book for me! It was truly an incredible experience hearing his perspectives on training methods as he experienced them while serving in the Army in Korea and as a Pentathlon Olympics Hopeful. He went on to medal at two separate Summer Olympic Games.
He is a truly remarkable man!
The man that truly opened my eyes to proper training methods

Today I'm reinvigorated about training. Sitting to write to you about this. I'll probably ignore the first 1/2 of the Super Bowl to lay pen to paper on a official plan for my Boston Marathon training; as I've been flying by the seat of my pants for the past month on that. I'm going to make wise choices and live to fight another day, and another and another. Seeya out there!

He signed it! He signed it!