Friday, December 5, 2014

Lord I was Born a Rambling Man

 The Colonial Theatre in Phoenixville, PA: where they filmed the sci-fi film "The Blob", nevermind the white-hatted Man, he was merely interloping in my photographic endeavors, and he paid dearly for his shenanigans I assure you.

 Lemme' tell ya, I really do enjoy driving and wandering, exploring and vagabonding. Maybe one day, when I grow up I'll be the next great Hobo...In no order really, here are some photos of places I have been lately. The Civic can't be stopped, 157k and counting. So, you should buy it from me as I am getting a NEW car soon. Also, my beard is good. Thanks for asking, it appreciates your concern, it is well prepared for the Club National XC Championship. Yesterday I ran on the Perkiomen trail, didn't take the phone with me, I will be back, it was peaceful.  As always, enjoy the photos and silly captions!
Check back for Beer Mile news!
Sunset at Shenandoah National Park...purty

Bill Rodgers approves of Beards, his Brother has one, there is a picture in his book, no joke, a much more impressive beard than my own!

Somewhere deep inside the city of "Brotherly Love", trapped forever in brick and mortar, three Demon Babies

We are twins, in spirit. And He might have in fact done cool stuff, but now people walk by and think,
"Pff, what? No Beard?".

Guess that Bridge! One hint, Susquehanna River

Very Big Fake Cow, good thing they bolt it down, lest thieves take it to the black market!

Falls at Shenandoah National Park

Guess that Church: Hint Baltimore

This house is so badass it has TWO Lions! note:each Lion has a beard.

In the Light, You will find the Road

American Graffitti

Breezewood Tunnel on the Ol' PA pike

Breezeway tunnel from far enough away that it was still kinda scary and made me feel very nervous (in Sol Rosenberg voice, now you suck if you don't know why that is funny)