Saturday, May 18, 2013

Recent Racing, Travels, and Training

May 9-12: New Orleans: Bourbon St is insane. The bars don't close as far as I can tell. Bachelor and Bachelorette parties everywhere, lots of silly people doing silly things. Pretty much what I expected it all would be. I somehow managed to run once, 5miles, saw a few bits of the city that I wouldn't have otherwise. But let's be honest, sleep wasn't happening. My friend, Ken, is getting married. Ken likes to drink...So drink we did. Little sleep for three straight nights a healthy athlete does not make. But the world stops for no one.

May 13th: Chester, PA-Widener University(proud owner of the worst/hardest track I've ever raced on), So, I got back late Sunday night, and slept a full night...finally, and then I met up with Peter Bolgert and the Dan's of Princeton(Ebanks and Lewis), fine athletes and a swell buncha' fella's. From PU we shared a ride to Widener. Which for some reason, was hosting a meet that would have been at Swarthmore College(a place with a good track, or so I'm told). The Men's steeple had 20 runners in it! That's a huuuuge heat for a steeple race. I got caught up behind some inexperienced guys, just like a traffic jam, they hit the brakes and either you do too or swing around. Both take up more energy and time.  Check the results out below. I'm not disgusted, I mean, I felt like crap(post nasal drip/laryngitis starting up), it was also about 45degrees at race time. All in all, not a disaster, just wish I'd maybe finished 2-3 spots further up.

May 15th: 4x1600@Threshold pace w/1min recovery and 4x200@mile race pace w/200jog recovery. I probably went a bit too hard, but somehow didn't feel tired despite the advanced state of my illness. 5:20, 28, 18, 19 and 200's in 31, 31, 32, 31. Yeah, I'm not a 4:10 miler, but it didn't hurt. This was a great effort I think, and I say this as I sit here coughing 4 days later... Oh and I signed up for a Marathon August 18th, Chasing the Unicorn in PA, near Washington's Crossing, out and back for the day one BQ, figure I'll cruise a 2:44:50, no need for a heavy effort in mid August. That's the story for the time being.

Below are the results from last Monday's race at Widener(hosted by Swarthmore? weird)

Men's 3,000m Steeplechase
Place Overall Name Year Team Time Score
1 1 Thisle, Paul Unattached 9:02.99 -
2 2 Roza, David SO-2 Haverford 9:23.90 -
3 3 Cason, David JR-3 Guilford 9:25.00 -
4 4 Broderick, Brian SR-4 NYU 9:26.51 -
5 5 Rittenhouse, Abram JR-3 Bridgewater (Va.) 9:27.42 -
6 6 Price, Kyle Garden State Track Club 9:30.28 -
7 7 Budman, Josh SR-4 Johns Hopkins 9:32.36 -
8 8 Bolgert, Peter Garden State Track Club 9:32.54 -
9 9 Weller, Ross Unattached 9:35.94 -
10 10 Garrity, Mike Unattached 9:36.96 -
11 11 Cutright, Daniel Unattached 9:37.78 -
12 12 Showalter, Joshua FR-1 Christopher Newport 9:38.30 -
13 13 Zeffer, Collin SR Delaware TC 9:43.46 -
14 14 Schatz, Jared FR-1 Messiah 9:55.40 -
15 15 Anis, Michael Garden State Track Club 10:00.29 -
16 16 Richard, Daniel SO-2 Christopher Newport 10:03.54 -
17 17 Turner, Bradley SO-2 Christopher Newport 10:04.96 -
18 18 Cooper, Sam FR-1 Elizabethtown 10:16.96 -
19 19 Howell, Billy SO-2 Ramapo 10:20.71 -
20 20 Obrien, Christopher Unattached 10:44.18 -