Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Steeplechasing away from the past and into the future

Things have worked out in the past month that my opportunities to race have been more limited than I would have liked. But I did get to see some great racing action at the Larry Ellis Invitational a few weeks ago. Also, I'm glad to say, everyone I know who was up in Boston for the marathon was safe, I'll be figuring out how to shift myself back into marathon training in the late fall. I've run Boston 3 times, and like many other competitive runners I'm emotionally struck by recent events...I'll be in Boston in April 2014.

For now, shorter speed workouts have been going well. I'm running faster intervals than ever before, excited, pleased, but never satisfied. Answering the question of, "How fast can I go?" a couple times a week is still fun for me.
And in other news: I started a group run at the Westfield Running Company. 
Group Run info on Fb.  I love love love running on grass and gravel. So, come join me and others if you are nearby and looking for a Thursday Run option! We go for Frozen Yogurt afterwards too!

Now that I'm done plugging a work related thing...
Once again, my brain goes into its time machine: The last time I competed at the College of NJ, was the Spring of 2004, my last season of Collegiate running. I ran a1500 in 4:30.22 that day, and 6 days prior in the CTC Championship(at DeSales University)  I'd run my Collegiate best steeple of 10:41.While I have the memories still fairly fresh in my mind, it often feels like a distant memory of a past life. 21yr old Mike owes 31yr old Mike, but we all know the debt can never be repaid. As we forgive others' we must forgive ourselves and know we can make life(and running) better. But I'm leaving that guy in the dust and recesses of my memory, he's not training hard enough.

Back then, I revered the TCNJ meet as a high quality meet, one that I felt almost unqualified to run in. Hiding out in the 5th or 6th heat of 1500m was fine by me on that day. Being at meets like this made me both nervous and inspired.  Now, like then, I'm just damn glad to be at a track meet, toeing the line with other athletes and seeing who is the better man.  Incredible to think, nearly 10yrs later, I've cut almost a full minute off of my 3k steeple time. That's right kids, I got another PR! Training is going fairly well, but someone please remind me when you see me, to do some hip and glute strength exercises. The lower back scenario isn't improving, grrr, grumble. Anyway, Take a look at the fun photos below
When you aren't fast enough for the Larry Ellis Invitational at Princeton Univ., you go and watch anyway. Filming 800's and 1500's for GSTC, and hangin' with, Dharan, Pete, and Pete's friend

Here we go! TCNJ Lion's Invitational this past Saturday 4/26

Early on I was a bit too quick, but still finished in 9:52.85, a new pr by about 2seconds.

Somewhere in the last 1000m, "Wisconsin Pete" Bolgert...surging away from me. 
Bolgert-1  Anis-0

NOTE: I do NOT own this song as it was copyrighted by WMG. Steeple...Jump! Get it? Happy Tuesday!