Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Boys are back in town!

Summer time is the best running you'll get in NJ!  Mike Loenser agrees!  We were talking about it last night while we ran along the D&R canal, along with another former collegiate runner, Jacob(didn't get his last name).  But I always think about it, and every summer, the now graduated HS studs are free from their coaches(for better or worse), the college guys and girls are back in town, and the teachers who run/coach are way more available.  It's the densest concentration of speed you'll get all year!  Runs feel like training, because sometimes, solo runs just feel like a sleep walk.   The old guys want to remind the young guys they've still got speed, and the young guys don't want to get schooled too badly.  Having some fast bodies around you makes it feel a lot more real, and if you're a live wire(young or old), you'll toss a surge in there now and then to turn the screws on em'!

Enjoy the Thin Lizzy!
So, it's been nice to just catch up with people on some general purpose runs.  This past week I ran with GSTC teammates, two legendary EHS xc/t&f alums Rich Angelillo(96') and Steve Flynn(12'), RVRR folks, the group up in Jersey City and Metuchen at Runner's High, and the boys team at EHS.  It's good to have a big network of runners.  I've run along the Hudson River, at Holmdel Park, on the Middlesex Greenway, and the D&R canal, Beuchluch Park, streets in Edison, Metuchen, and right here at home in Highland Park.  I'm back in a nice groove.
One thing is for sure, I don't want to race a road marathon this fall. A few months ago, I thought that I wanted to run one.  Now, I'm sure I'd rather mix it up with XC and trail stuff.  Distances ranging from 5k-HM. Plans for trail ultra's are not out the window, just on the back burner, or at least I don't see something before me that I'm targeting yet.  Also, from what I see/gather, that preparing for the Ultra stuff really puts you into a different place mentally and emotionally.  For some, it's all zen and mild escapism from the week's bullshit.  While others put the running before everyone and everything. I'm looking to stay on my own wave length in between.  I'm a devoted person in many aspects of my existence, but running is my way of life, its a culture and a faith(in a calling, in yourself, in traveling the earth one stride at a time as often as you can) and people need to understand that.

Oh, and the past 2 weeks, I'm in the 50-60mpw range.  Moving right along, in a good place.  This is going to be a big base, my races this fall are going to be so legit'.  Looking forward, looking up. 

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