Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Keeping Promises

Runner's set goals for themselves. Part of achieving certain goals is looking at these as a promise to oneself.  If you can't keep a promise to yourself, what good are you?  Some of my goals are as arbitrary as; "going sub fill-in-the-blank", sometimes it's placing "top 5" in a certain race. The toughest one I've found is running a set number of miles in a calendar year.  If you set that bar high enough, you're going to find that there isn't room for excuses or bullshit. Why does a runner set the goal of running X miles? Because it means you are doing more work and more work means faster race perforamces.

For 2013, I went as far as making it a new year's resolution to run 3,001 miles.  Why the extra one?  For good luck!  Today, I eclipsed the my highest yearly mileage total from previous years. In 2008, I ran 2,863 miles. The 9.5miles w/Ken Goglas, puts me at 2,866 miles so far.  I'll make it to 3,001 and then some. I'm 94 days deep into a running streak, and liking it.

This yr wasn't as smooth a year of training as I'd hoped for, and currently I'll complain that I'm having some struggles with my right foot.  But all in all, the year up till now has been very good.  There have been a lot of mornings were I ran alone feeling exhausted and sluggish, but infinitely glad that I did it anyway.  There have been workouts that I went into feeling like I would run poorly, and yet they went surprisingly well.  More than anything you have to keep that promise to yourself every day, and being sure that you understand that there is no making up for days that you didn't run when you could have.

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