Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The calm before the storm

The last week of the taper feels like watching a ticking clock, and sometimes the hands move in the wrong direction.  You get ansty, and become concerned that your feeling sluggish, haven't done a hard workout, haven't burned energy the way that makes you feel razor sharp, ready to kick ass and all that jazz.

I've been feeling a bit like this guy for the past 2 weeks

More than running, I feel like fighting.  Like a punching bag wouldn't be good enough, I want to fight something.  I have so much stored energy,  it's tough to harness that and keep in bottled up until race day.  I suppose this is why running suits me, as I can easily become restless.
and a little bit like this guy...Boston put up yer' dukes!
So, today being my last reasonably intelligent opportunity for a sample of race pace work, I hit the track. 2miles at MP (11:20, 5:40per mile), and 3x200 in 32secs.  Woke up the lungs and legs a bit.  The Achilles felt alright, and four advil later, I'm doing fine.  So, I'll just do my best to keep runs short and easy, and get my body feeling rested and ready.  Boston, I'm itching for a fight.

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  1. Yus! And a fight with the quads in the ring of the downhills. Let's do some work!