Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dodging a bullet?

I felt a twinge in my bad Achilles tendon last Tuesday night. But I might have dodged a bullet this time. 
Me dealing with my crappy Achilles Tendon

In the middle of a tempo run, I felt a twinge, thought it would loosen up...it didn't.  Many factors led to this.  Mainly though, I can point to lack of proper loosening of the muscles.  This goes beyond a good dynamic warmup and extended jogging.  One should look to massage the muscles in the lower legs as often as possible.  It helps to keep residual tightness to a minimum.
So, I haven't had a lot to say about running for the past week, as I had one lousy and pointless attempt at an easy run this past Thursday, a mix of walk/jog with large incline, cycling, weights and pullups yesterday, and finally today; an actual run.
This evening I ran out the door without a watch, jogging nice and easy at first, and toward the end pushing when I felt like my legs had a good blow flow going. I even stopped mid run to run my hands downward to push more blood below my Achilles tendon into my feet, which up till that point felt somewhat tingly.  I would gauge the distance of this run to be 2.5miles roughly.
I guess my job leaves me sitting more these days, and my circulation is starting to suffer.  I will have to pay attention to that from now on. Other things I've done for this issue, ice massage, hot soak, cross frictional massage of the affected area, anti-inlammatory meds, wrap the foot/tendon with an ace bandage.  All these things have helped a lot.
Recently, I wrote about the start of this problem back in 08', kind of ironic.  Big difference between now and then: in 08' I tried icing and advil, but largely just pitied myself and thought, it doesn't hurt too much, I can run through this.  And thus, I ran on the injury 4-5 times before race day.  Now, in 12', I know better.  If the marathon was tomorrow,  and I didn't have another 12days, I think I'd be in a better position because I stopped myself from doing further damage.  Nothing's certain yet, but I think I'm going to pull through.  Haven't lost any fitness in a week, you just have to be confident that the "money is in the bank"...and that I can stop bullets.

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