Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday is Runday

Something that was expressed to me in a humorous email struck a chord of thought. It was another stitch that brings closer together the seams in the fabric of my mind's inner workings.

My friend said, "Enjoy your Runday".  Which immediately made me think about Sunday-Funday. I like a Sunday-Funday, and who doesn't? But more importantly...Sunday is Runday!  It's LONG run day! It's the most important run of the week! It's like the breakfast of long distance training!

I move to vote on renaming Sunday, to Runday.  Because, in my estimation, that is what Sunday should be reserved for, there should be no other pain in the ass obligations that interfere with running as far as I want to with my friends!  Once running is done, I say eat(get to the diner), drink, and be merry(beers and ha-ha's).
There are only 52 Sunday Funday's each yr, don't squander them! Run far and drink hard

Call me a dreamer, but I think the week should start with Runday, and we just don't have to talk about the one that starts with an M...

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