Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Get a Mile PR and a Boston Qualifier this Summer!

The College Ave Road Mile takes place on Saturday June 7th, sign up now, click the image below. This is a club team championship event.  If you are not a club team competitor, come anyway, race a mile! Watch others race a mile! You can even run with a partner on a 2x1/2mile relay team! Or do both! If you haven't raced a mile "since High School", you might surprise yourself, relive some moments of Glory! Take a chance at outkicking someone! Let's race!
Sunday August 17th, Washington Crossing Historic Park, PA 7am start-flat flat flat, cruise control get er' done, get that last chance BQ!

During the in between, there will be:
President's Cup Nite Race-5k Mon June 16th-NJUSATF club team championship all divisions
Cranford Firecracker 4 miler-Fri July 4th-a great local race in Union County that actually starts with a BOOM!

If all goes according to plan, I will set new PR's for the road mile, 5k road, 4mile, and break my own CR at CTU. At the least, these are good springboards into tougher cycles of training for the fall. Summer racing isn't easy, but these are great events in their own right! I encourage anyone reading this, as a competitive runner of 18+yrs I can say that it is worth testing yourself at a variety of distances.

Mark Parisen and Jaris Rousseau showing me a clean pair of heels at the 2013 College Ave Road Mile

Hope to see some of you at one or all of these races!

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