Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Training March 19-25

Mon-9miles in Jersey City, easy pace
Tues-3miles AM in Jersey City, evening workout 3.7mile warmup/cooldown. 8miles alternating between Marathon pace and sub-threshold/10k.  Muddling the lines a bit? Not training in the no-man's land but training to run out of it with a surge when necessary.
Wed-Much needed day off, it's been about 11 days of high volume and good intensity.
Thurs-12miles total, one run in Johnson Park in the AM, and a longer run in Jersey city with a short break waiting for group run to gather up
Fri-8miles warmup/cooldown, Fartlek total of about 6.9miles(1min on/4easy, 2on/3off, 3/2, 4/1. 2 sets) Hard sections run at 10k race pace roughly.
Sat-9.25miles with Luis Romero in Jersey City, went to Weehawken track(did 1 mile on it) and back to the store
Sun-17.25miles at River Rd in Bedminster, pace accelerated throughout the run, hit 5:40's for a bit, struggled with GI problems. damn it. Avg pace was about 6:05 I believe. Cows, horses, streams, trees, good times.
The Black River-Bedminster, NJ

Week's total miles: 82
Notes: 3 quality sessions, 2 went well, the LR was not great, but I know why.  Just a few weeks to go until Boston. Time to sharpen it up and ease back on the volume.  Pretty excited, 5:30's feel slow now.

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