Monday, March 12, 2012

"No Easy Way Out"

So, love it or loathe it.  Rocky IV was somewhat brilliant.  I mean, let's face it, Stallone was a riding the wave of  cold war film where, Russians are "the bad guy".  I more often find that Russian characters in film have been better comic relief than bad guys.  Of course, Stallone co-wrote Rambo III, which at the time in the late 80's made me think, "Hey those Afghans are hardcore to fight those Russian's, but they couldn't do it without Rambo!"
Funny how, that turned out for us, eh?
Anyway, Rocky IV... drifted too much into propaganda.  But the most valuable thing that came out of it all, was this:


This scene gets me so pumped its ridiculous! No, I don't have a best friend who was killed in a mile fun run or something oddly parallel.  It's more like, the idea of the unbeatable foe that haunts your thoughts and dreams. Knowing that you have to work harder than you ever have before to beat that opponent(or the clock)! Yesterday's 20k in Johnson Park, was a lifetime best effort, while not perfectly executed, I ran fast, and produced a pace that would have eclipsed my Half Marathon personal best.  My end time was 69:06(5:33pace), with Anthony Harris quickly(and silently) gaining ground on me.  I narrowly escaped on of the most vicious kicks in NJ, which has thus far, found no distance at which it can be sapped!

I also reccommend watching the last battle scene in Rambo III for some added juice! Why? Because Rambo takes out a Soviet Helicopter by ramming into it with a Tank! Yeah, he did that!

Tomorrow: Intervals...lots of volume, sub Threshold pace. There's no easy way out! There's no shortcut home!

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