Monday, March 12, 2012

Training 3/4/12 thru 3/11/12

Sunday 3/4-took day off from running to hike in Mt. Gretna, PA with Trudy, also saw a massive flock of migratory geese at Middle Creek Wildlife Mgmt area. Great day!
Mon 3/5-AM run in Jersey City 3.5miles, Afternoon run in Princeton w/Ashwin for 90 mins, at total of 2:35:10 for 23.25miles, hit a 79 for 400m in 22nd mile of the run. lots and lots of hills on this one. Yes, today I did more than 26miles.
Tuesday 3/6-night run w/Tim Morgan. 10.5miles, Metuchen HS track, St Joes HS track, Bishop Ahr HS track, I call this one the triangle of rubber(too bad there is a bunch of asphalt between them all).
Wed 3/7-5x1mile at HM pace w/400jog recovery.  All between 5:33-5:26, total miles on day=8miles.
Thursday 3/8-Thursday night run in Jersey City, did about 6miles
Friday 3/9-took a day off, long hrs at the job, life can get in the way. grumble.
Saturday 3/10-Grass at St Joe's HS w/Tim Morgan for about 55mins, easy running, and 6x100m strides, 7.5miles total
Sunday 3/11-Miles for Music 20k(USATF-NJ 20k championship), 1:09:06(5:33pace) official time, 9th place overall. My GSTC mates and I win the Open Men's team title and the B team takes 2nd as well! This represent a return to fitness at Long Distances that I haven't seen in 4yrs!  Injuries be damned, I'm back! Total miles for the day=17.5

Week total miles=58(yesterday's race I just tossed on here since it's big news, not counting those miles for the "week", but the past 7 days are 75 miles!

Notes: Annoyed about missing Friday's run/training.  But I ran so well on Sunday, I think it was worth a rest day.  You need them now and then, escpecially when you need need to go to a job.  The Long run and 5x1mile was great.  This week is going to be a big week!


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