Monday, March 19, 2012

Training March 12-18

Point of fact: I use a Sunday-Saturday perspective as it appears on a calendar, but I'm telling you all about it on Monday's, so I'll be posting Mon-Sun. Here it goes.

Mon-2.5mile run to Parent's House, hopped on my Canondale Carbon Six Five, rode to a NAPA store, needed a coolant hose for the Civic, rode back to Highland Park=8.3mile ride.  Easy 14mph avg, hit a max of 28mph!), ran another 4miles after fixing the Civic= 6.5miles run, 8.3 miles bike
Tues-4miles run AM in Jersey City at Runner's High, 8.1miles run in the evening w/Tim Morgan, both of us are still recovering from M4M 20k, day's total=12.1miles
Wed-11.5miles in JC, easy pace just under 7min per mile, mostly over to and in Liberty State Park, sunset was great. Ellis Island, The Statue of Liberty, Lower for day=11.5miles
view of Manhattan Sunset from Liberty State Park

Thur-7.5miles of warmup/cooldown/recovery jog, 4x2miles on RU track with some help from Chuck Schneekloth pacing me every other 800m.  Ran each interval between 15k-10k pace, last mile was 5:18! total miles for the day=15.5
Fri-Split easy 4mile run with Kevin Dimarco, went up to Pershing field in the Jersey City Heights(an odd 550m lumpy gravel track), then ran with Simon and his friend another 5-6miles. total miles for the day=9.5ish
Sat-Run with Luis Romero of GSTC and Mike Burghoffer, from Runner's High to Liberty State Park and back, 9.5miles, not trusting Mike's shitty gps watch ever again, wanted miles=9.5

Sun-Ramapo Mt State Forest w/Tim, Chuck, and Edsel "The Hammer" Flores, the majority of the run was around Ramapo Lake, but I went up to the old Van Sylke Mansion ruins twice, ventured to the old water tower once, went back up to the parking area one extra time.
See below all the cool stuff You DIDN'T see on YOUR Sunday run!
Water Tower near ruins of Van Slyke Mansion
Van Slyke Mansion Ruins
View of Wanaque Reservoir from the Van Sylke Mansion Ruins
I ran down the Hoeferlin(yellow blaze) trail on the way back down on my way for the 2nd run up to the ruins, ran hard the last 30mins of the 135min run.  Feeling strong up steep hills=19miles.  Ran with Trudy in Donaldson Park later that afternoon at an easy pace-4miles. total for the day 23miles.

7 day total= roughly 86-87miles run, 8.3miles bike
Notes/Comments: Rolling right along, the 4x2mile workout was stellar, and everything is holding up.  Icing left foot, absorbing it all, especially pleased with how easy the last 30-45mins felt up at Ramapo Mt

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