Friday, March 9, 2012

Yiddish, Dirt, Futility and Zombies

There is a Yiddish proverb, "Mensch Tracht, Gott Lacht, "Man plans and God laughs".  I probably find amusement in this because, this is part of my cultural background.  Cultural musings aside, it's an interesting thing to drive to work everyday, and see the "improvements" being made to roadways, bridges, etc.  Like the Pulaski Skyway, ever crumbling, and yet they persist in patching it.  Fighting the inevitable, just like Zombies, they never give up, so I kind of want to be one...a Zombie. I mean, why not, you're dead anyway, why not walk around and have a snack if you can get one now and then?
But the thing that really "burns my bridges", is when Politician's figure ways to feed contracts to companies to "improve" parks. Call me paranoid, but that's how I see it.
Donaldson Park 
This used to be the home of Edison High School's and Raritan Valley Road Runner's 5k XC courses, a nice combination of flats and short steep hills, until it was "improved".  Costing millions, laying pavement over many areas that were just fine being grass and dirt!  Why? So people could walk in their pretty white tennis shoes to keep their cholesterol levels down?  Aside from handicap accessibility, I say, if you don't like dirt and mud, stay on the sidewalk!
I still run in Donaldson now, ringing the perimeter and most enjoyably along the riverside, even when its sloppy and mucked up being at the bottom of hill and more or less a flood plain, but I can't complete either course as they used to be without hitting pavement path or needing to circumnavigate a softball/baseball field.  Bad deal.  Take the beads back Dutchmen, I'll keep the dirt!
The Lehigh Valley Rail Line
Don't be fooled by this photo, this is now covered in pavement, as this was just the grading done prior.  This rail line Started in Perth Amboy(crosses over the GSP), passed through Metuchen, South Plainfield and points West to PA. Being no longer in use, it was a nice spot to get out of the sun and traffic of the congested roads of Middlesex county.  Although often, incredibly muddy, the soft surface was really nice to use for an easy relaxed run.  Then of course, brilliant Politician's decide to pave over it, figuring it to be more cost effective for maintenance as a multi-use  "trail", a half-ass attempt to include it in the "Greenway", currently disjointed and years from completion. It's just a glaring misappropriations of funds.  Millions of dollars to spill ugly black asphalt atop a fairly clear and wide path that was soft and ready for running or Mountain biking. Alas, I still run it, but preferably the section that has yet to be paved.

 Sadly, when the Zombie Apocalypse begins,

plants will overgrow the pavement, cracking and crumbling it.  Bridges like the Pulaski Skyway will weather and collapse.  Because those of us who are not already Zombies, will be too busy killing the Zombies, so that we don't become Zombies.  It is...futile.  So until then, couldn't we just leave the dirt alone?

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  1. Well said Mike. I really hope the man doesn't pave the trails at Watchung, Round Valley, Ramapo etc.