Friday, March 9, 2012

Training 2/26/12-3/3/12

Sun 2/26-Road Relays- 2x1.6mile loop-total time=roughly 16:30. Warmup+cooldown=5.1miles
Total miles for the day=8.3
Mon 2/27-Ran around Beuchluch over to RU Busch and back w/Mennitt, went out and back on the towpath past Bound Brook. avg pace roughly 6:55-:700 Total miles=20.5ish
Tues 2/28-AM run in Donaldson Park w/NB trail minimus, 3loops on the grass, and back home-
5.3miles 6:45pace.  PM run-Met up with Tiechman, ran around southside of HP, 6miles. Total for the day 11.3miles.
Wed 2/29-short day, need to back off. 2.75miles-6:30pace. that's all folks.
Thurs 3/1-Ran over to Ferris HS, 6mile tempo, 5:36 pace. ran back to the store, cooled down w/group run
Total for the day=13miles
Friday 3/2-AM run in donaldson, chilly, took it easy, 6:50pace for 5.4miles, PM run with Tiechman starting at the RU student Center-10.2miles. All easy paced miles. Total for the day=15.6miles
Saturday 3/3-run w/Dixon to the Busch intramural fields, I do 6x600, no watch, 140m recovery jog, felt good to do some true speed work. ran back.Total for the day=9miles

Week's Mileage total-80miles +/- a bit.
Analysis-Speed workouts went pretty well.  Marathon speed workouts don't feel that fast usually, but I'm in the range I want.  Did a bit too much early in the week, needed to back off on Wednesday, should have known better.  Preferred to split the med/long run into a double.  Sometimes it's fun to just escape twice in a day!

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